The Event:  corporate event for executive team & key corporate suppliers > 4-day weekend, 20 attendees, house rental in breckenridge, co

Responsibilities:  Chef Rafe was hired as the Executive Chef for the 4-day event. He was responsible for menu selection and food preparation for breakfast, dinner, and dessert for all 4 days. (You will see in my review he went above and beyond his responsibilities!)

Review:  Chef Rafe did an amazing job! He prepared wonderful menu with input from some of the attendees, made sure we had everything needed, and every meal blew our minds on how delicious it was. Having a private chef had many advantages. First, we didn’t have to worry about making reservations, cooking, or doing any grocery shopping. Second, It created a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere where people even got cooking tips from the chef, which they loved! Third, having the chef there was actually more cost effective than eating out. Finally, Chef Rafe cooked amazing meals, entertained high-level executives, and really made the event memorable for everyone. Chef even went above and beyond by helping with cleanup, grocery shopping, and entertaining, which wasn’t part of his responsibilities!

We will definitely use Chef Rafe in the future and would highly recommend him to others! We couldn’t be happier with his work. 

Steven Fera, Corporate Supplier Manager, Arrow Electronics


The Event:  30th birthday dinner party for 8 guests

Responsibilities:  Chef Rafe was tasked to conceptualize and execute a 5 course meal for an intimate dinner.

Review:  Chef Rafe blew us away with his professionalism, service, personality, and ability to deliver creative and delicious food.  Nate is truly passionate about food and committed to providing the best possible experience for his host and guests.  We received rave reviews by every single one of our guests with fights about which dish was the best. 

As listed above, he was hired to create a menu for my birthday dinner and completely went above and beyond his “responsibilities.”  This included grocery shopping, wine pairings, helping with cleanup, serving, and entertaining guests.  I was so surprised to be able to sit back and enjoy the event, rather than worrying about small details that typically occur with hosting.  Nate was such a delight to have in our kitchen and provided a fun environment for our guests, cooking and engaging with them in our open kitchen (he even provided cooking tips!).  The food was outstanding and we could not have been more pleased.  Instead of 5 courses, we ended up with 9 unbelievable courses that rivaled some of our best Chicago restaurants.  I was so impressed with Nate's food presentation and complex flavor profiles in each course. 

Chef Rafe is wonderful to work with and was very accommodating to my menu requests, while also putting his own creative flair to each dish.  Nate tries to support local farmers and used organic and fresh ingredients whenever possible.  He even used some cilantro from our garden!  Another bonus was Nate is a Certified Sommelier, which allowed him to expertly pair each course with wine that created even more palate pleasure with every bite.  I could go on and on, but Chef Rafe created the perfect evening for our guests and I would highly recommend him for any event. 

Jules Rhodes, Chicago, IL

Guest Review

I recently attended a dinner party where Chef Rafe was the executive chef. It was a 10 course meal paired with wine and by far the best meal I've ever had. Chef Nate was such a delight and you can really feel his passion for his craft. His creation was a masterpiece and very original and creative food pairings. The food not only tasted amazing, but also was presented wonderfully with attention to every detail. I would 100% recommend Chef Rafe to anyone looking for a chef. He will deliver above and beyond your wildest expectations. Thank you for helping to create an amazing and memorable night with friends!

Megan Welch, Chicago, IL


The Event:  Our nonprofit was hosting a gala event at a private residence in Janesville to support the the future vision of the Rock County Historical Society. This annual event attracted an audience of donors, influencers and supporters with the capacity to change the future of our organization. 

Responsibilities:  Chef Rafe was responsible for menu selection and food preparation for all the courses and utilized his expertise as a sommelier to perfectly pair delectable wines with each course. He and his staff came out to socialize with our guests and gave a presentation of their work at the evening's conclusion.

Review:  Chef Rafe exceeded our expectations. Having a personal chef provide the catering gave our event added flexibility to be more creative with our menu, while promoting the "special touch" that a private chef provides versus a catering company. It made the event more of an intimate, relaxing experience for our guests and our gala host! Having Chef Rafe be our caterer for the 2014 gala has sent a ripple effect through the community toward utilizing the private chef model versus a catering company.

For future galas, the bar has definitely been raised in the expected quality and presentation of the food at this annual event! In turn this will have a positive impact on increased revenue and development opportunities for our nonprofit in the near future. 

Chef Rafe, his food and the presentation were the talk of the event!  Nate represents a new wave of culinary talent in Wisconsin that should be appreciated and enjoyed!

Michael Reuter , Executive Director, Rock County Historical Society